November 19, 2017

Andrea (born 1957) and Antonella (born 1960) Ferrari have been happily married since 1986 and have no children. Andy has worked as a movie journalist and film critic for more than thirty years, and Anto used to work in the same publishing company as a technical printing advisor. That's where they met - and where they fell in love with each other! They live in the countryside south of Milan and close to Piacenza, Italy, in an old and beautifully restored farm going back to the eighteenth century, with their beloved fourth English Bull Terrier (yes, they're addicted to that lovely breed!), which comes by the name of Emerald Princess of Sunrise but has been rechristened Emma (she likes it better). They share a true love of nature and for almost thirty years devoted themselves to scuba diving and the sea. After having published two major photographic books on land wildlife in the early '90s, they turned their attention to underwater marine biology and photography. Andrea and Antonella Ferrari have published several ground-breaking and very successful photographic books and hundreds of magazine articles on travel and marine life. They now enjoy retirement and travel the world in search of adventure - telling their stories about nature and wildlife in their free online magazine ANIMA MUNDI - Adventures in Wildlife Photography.

Andrea Ferrari
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