November 19, 2017


Nov 10, 2014 0

TEXT BY BRIGITTA LUYKX PHOTOS BY RINIE LUYKX Captain Jimbo and Sharky, our guide, are looking through their binoculars. They stare at the sea, hoping to spot some fins. We are on our way on the Bold Ranger, a chartered boat, trying to find the great Basking sharks of ...

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Endless Blu

Sep 6, 2014 0

“ENDLESS BLU” Filmed and edited by : not for profit /educational special thanks to : Brian Raymond & Bill Fisher of 333 productions music by : gemini – ” BLUE” ...

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Anima Mundi #13

Dec 10, 2013 5

Issue 13, Year 4 – 1st Quarter, January 2014 In This Issue: SCOOP The Gentle Ghost of Madagascar THE SECRET GARDENS India’s Western Ghats DARK WATER The Great White Shark BACKYARD BEAUTIES A Portfolio by Markus Braun HIMALAYAN BIRDS A Photo Trip Report     ...

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Oct 18, 2013 0

Text by Bill Fisher From the tip of its snout to the crest of its tail, the Shortfin Mako is a living exhibition of hydrodynamic perfection. It is one of the most beautifully designed creatures in the sea, yet at the same time, one of the fiercest ...

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